For those clients who just want
compliance taken care of
From $185 + GST per month
For those clients who want to
build financial awareness
From  $295 + GST per month
For those clients serious about
growing their business
From $525 + GST per month
From $55 + GST per month**
*Additional properties $15+gst per month extra
*Company /Tax Structures From $65+ GST per month


Please select the relevant questionnaires from each of the links below.  You can download this form, fill it in, add a digital signature if you wish, then save it as a pdf file and email it back to us, along with the relevant supporting documentation.  No printing and posting required.  This also means that you have a copy for your records.  

Please note that if you fill it in online and then download it, the information will not be saved and you will just have a blank form.

Alternatively, you can print it, fill it in, sign it and send it back to us with your supporting documentation by either email or post.

Please ensure that you complete a questionnaire for each of your entities, e.g. one for your Company and/or Trust.  Please read through the Individual questionnaire to determine whether or not you need to complete it or if there is any additional information you need to provide to us, e.g. partners in a Partnership may only need the Partnership questionnaire, not Individual questionnaires.

If there is anything that is not applicable to you or your business, just write "N/A" for "Not Applicable" alongside the item.

If you need to provide us with clarification or more information on any question, please use the Notes page at the back of each Questionnaire.

The more information that you can provide us at the outset, the more efficient we will be in producing your accounts and tax returns, and the less queries we will need to send you..

When you are ready, please contact us to arrange a meeting or simply forward your accounting records and completed questionnaire.

2019 Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships Questionnaire.pdf                                                 

2019 Trusts Questionnaire.pdf

2019 Rental Properties Questionnaire.pdf

2019 Individual Questionnaire.pdf

2019 Working For Families Tax Credits Questionnaire.pdf