For those clients who just want
compliance taken care of
From $185 + GST per month
For those clients who want to
build financial awareness
From  $295 + GST per month
For those clients serious about
growing their business
From $525 + GST per month
From $55 + GST per month**
*Additional properties $15+gst per month extra
*Company /Tax Structures From $65+ GST per month

Are you using Banklink yet?

Banklink Cashbook Accounting Software:
* Captures all your bank statement and financial institutions transactions.
* Eliminates a lot of manual data entry.
* Repetitive transactions are coded automatically.
* Transactions can be apportioned/split over more than one expense/income type
* Bank reconciliations are completed automatically.
* Saves time
* Keeps your accountants Happy
* Up to date Cashflow Reports
* GST returns and audit trails
To learn more about this product check out the Banklink website - CLICK HERE 

 For more information on Banklink or to see if Banklink would be suitable for you, please contact Ruth 

Please note that Banklink is only available through your accountant.
The software is free.